8 Reasons Why Your Community Should be Offering Medication Management Services

As the senior population in America grows, the need for medication management services also
increases. Medication management is a service that increases the individual’s compliance with taking the right medication at the right time as prescribed by their doctor. Non-adherence to proper medication administration results in negative outcomes, including not achieving health care goals, an increase in medication side effects and an increase in emergency room visits and hospitalizations. It is estimated that 50% of patients in the U.S. do not take their medication correctly. 1 Older adults tend to take more medications because of an increase in the number of illnesses. As the number of medications a person takes increases, so does the risk factor for adverse drug reactions, non-adherence, financial
burden, drug-drug interactions and worse outcomes.

Holladay Healthcare, Inc. offers medication management services to our customers. The
benefits of our program include:

  1. Improved resident compliance with medication use
  2. Increase in the number of residents meeting or exceeding their health care goals
  3. Improved quality of life for our residents
  4. Decrease in stress level for family members of our residents
  5. Decrease in side effects or polypharmacy for our residents
  6. Decrease in overall medical cost for our residents
  7. Increase the safety of your community
  8. Increase the marketability of your community

Contact Holladay Healthcare, Inc. at 800-848-3446 to schedule an appointment to learn more
about our medication management services.


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Becky Cross, BSN RN
Director of Customer Relations
Holladay Healthcare Pharmacy

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