Deter Drug Diversion

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By D. Newsome

Drug diversion and abuse are huge problems in this country. The“street price” for many prescription drugs is high which incentivizes people to steal them to sell.
Here are some tips to minimize diversion:

  • Make sure all“hard” (original,signed paper) copies of prescriptions for controlled substance are sent to the pharmacy.  This discourages someone from taking them elsewhere to be filled.
  • Ensure all controlled substances are being counted as soon as they arrive into the facility.  Don’t leave the count sheet attached to the product.  Keep it folded in the narcotic book until you begin to use the product.  Someone could take the drugs and the count sheet and you would not know it.
  • Return controlled substances as soon as they expire or are discontinued.  Holding on to them enables someone to take them before they are written up for return.
  • You should receive a completed count sheet for all controls returned to the pharmacy. Reconcile these to the copy of the Medication Return Form you send to the pharmacy and to the copy you receive back from the pharmacy.

Denise Newsome, R.Ph. is the Pharmacy Manager for Holladay Pharmacy.

Educational Opportunities

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Check out our Current Educational Opportunities.

H.E.L.P. 2019
MARCH 21st – 22nd


Stay tuned for complete 2019 updates….

Please call 1-800-848-3446 for more information.

Pharmaceutical Industry

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The long term care pharmaceutical industry is constantly changing. Stay ahead of the curve with our Current News feed by clicking here


Read testimonial

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Don’t take our word for it. Read testimonials from our customers over the past quarter century.


“I have been extremely impressed with Holladay’s professional, friendly and thorough pharmacy services.  I have worked with a lot of pharmacy vendors over the past 30 years, and Holladay is by far the best overall service I have used for my residents.  That is why we use them at 2 of our CCRC’s we currently manage now!  Their ability to integrate pharmacy services into the electronic medical record has been amazingly smooth, and they are always immediately responsive to requests.”

Kyle Dilday, Vice President of Operations – RLA ( Retirement Living Associates), Inc.


 “Our recent pharmacy transition with Holladay Pharmacy went extremely well.  The expertise and experience by the pharmacy staff was outstanding.  They were on hand to personally deal with any issues during the start up period.  Our staff was very receptive to working with their professional staff.  Everyone on the Holladay administrative staff participated in the transition and gave timely responses to any of our concerns.  They have done their best to customize the pharmacy services to meet our needs.”

“I would be glad to give Holladay Pharmacy Services a good reference.  They are clearly the best long term care pharmacy I have ever used in my career.  Their staff has become a tremendous resource to our team for accomplishing our mission.”

Cary Corley, Administrator – Springmoor Life Care Retirement Community

community support

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Holladay Healthcare Pharmacy is a proud partner of

Organizations Holladay Supports:

PACE @ Home
PACE of the Triad
Crisis Control Ministry
Special Olympics
United Way of Forsyth County
Clemmons Food Pantry
Brenner Children’s Hospital
Hospice & Palliative Care Center
American Legion
Alzheimer’s Association

We also provide assistance to:

  • Community Health Fairs
  • Senior Healthcare Educational Seminars
  • Indigent care in the LTC setting